The Authors

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Victor Marsh and Irene Cash have been involved in the Madison, Wisconsin area food scene for nearly two decades. In 1996 they founded, Madison’s very first online dining guide.  Their culinary interests have been fueled and enhanced by their extensive travel; between the two of them they have travelled to and experienced the cuisine of every state in the United States, as well as over 15 different countries.  Still, they turn to their local food scene for their combined passions — photography and cooking.  Savoring the Harvest was born out of this passion.

Victor Marsh heads Marshland Productions, a media company specializing in photography, video and audio productions.  Married with three children, he enjoys playing gentleman farmer at his cabin in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Irene Cash founded Intrepid Ink Media and Publishing in 2007, the publisher of over two hundred books. Irene also specializes in cross-platform and digital strategy, content and marketing.  Always experimenting with unique culinary projects, she looks forward to the next book.

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